Finding out one's own real abode and remaining one with it

Embrace a holistic approach to inner balance

Nestled amidst serene forest, our yogashala is a sanctuary where we guide you towards self-discovery and unity with your true essence. Drawing from the vast science of Yoga, we design a simple and authentic approach incorporating the methods mentioned in the texts to improve your physical and mental stability.

Our classes cater to all levels, ensuring inclusivity and comfort for everyone.

Through preparatory exercises, we gently release the joints and prioritize proper alignment and ease in each posture, fostering a safe and effective practice while Pranayama breathing techniques enhance vitality and concentration.

Wisdom for happiness

Mindful breathing throughout the session strengthens focus and soothes the mind, philosophy and deep relaxation lead you to a profound meditation experience. Join us on this transformative journey towards inner peace.

Join us for this immersive experience

Our Location

Big Banana Island Retreat Pvt Ltd.
Valiya Pazhampilly Thuruth, Chendamangalam,
Pin – 683512

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