Swastha Ayurveda

In the quiet breath of dawn, swastha blooms

The Sanskrit term “swastha” carries a profound meaning that transcends mere physical well-being :  a person who is in a mentally, physically and socially perfect healthy condition is called Swasthan. At our Swastha Ayurveda Retreat Centre, situated in the premises of Big Banana Island Retreat , we invite you to embark on a holistic journey :

Harmony Through Time-Tested Principles

Guided by ancient Ayurvedic science, our expert doctors and dedicated therapists curate personalized experiences for your health.

Nature’s Bounty at Your Fingertips

Step into our lush haven, enveloped by a thriving herbal garden. Here, nature’s healing treasures—meticulously cultivated—form the heart of our treatments. From soothing oils to herbal infusions, we blend tradition with efficacy.

Tailored Healing for You

Begin with a thorough consultation by our senior physician. They’ll decode your unique constitution and design a bespoke treatment plan. Our lady doctor complements this personalized care.

Guided Sessions, Expert Hands

Our qualified therapists, under the watchful eyes of our doctors, deliver rejuvenating therapies. Whether it’s a tranquil massage or detoxifying Panchakarma, each session harmonizes body and mind. 

Feel free to explore the serenity of Swastha Ayurveda Retreat Centre, where waves meet wellness and tradition.


Join us for this immersive experience

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