Swastha Ayrurveda Retreat Centre
‘A person who is in a mentally, physically and socially in a perfect healthy condition is called Swastha.’
Five millenia of intense observation and study of the human body by the sages of India lies at the core of Ayurveda, the "wisdom of longevity". The Ayurvedic physicians of Kerala continue to research and refine the theory and practice of Ayurveda to fight the illnesses that the modern way of life creates in us. At Swasth Ayurveda Retreat Centre, you can avail the service of a team of expert ayurvedic doctors to rejuvenate your body and restore its natural balance.

Email : swasthaayurvedaretreat@gmail.com
Tel - +914843795412 (Calling hours - 10 am to 5 pm)
Yoga means "union". This ancient practice of body discipline aims at achieving a harmonious union between the body and the mind, thereby arousing the vital energy of the soul. The reteat has a yoga hall, where you will rediscover the synergies of your physical and mental system. Various yoga training packages are offered at the retreat. The training is given by trained and experienced yoga trainers.